Walnut Shell


The walnut shell sand is made from walnut broken shell through degreasing, crushing, screening and other processing. It is widely used as a polishing abrasive and filter with good durable and flexible properties.


  • Strong compressive ability.
  • Stable chemical characteristic.
  • Environmental. It is nontoxic, harmless, safe and clean.
  • Economical. It could be reused.
  • Good toughness and elasticity.
  • Could be used together with Silicon Carbide.

Chemical Composition:

Items Result Items Result
the oil removal efficiency 90-95% Backwashing strength 25m3/m2.h
Suspended solids removal rate 95-98% Water flushing pressure 0.32MPa
rate of filtration 20-25m/h Way of protecting Supplement 5-10%per year
specific gravity: 1.5g/cm3 Bulk Density 0.8g/cm3
Mosh Hardness: 2.5-3.0 PH: 4-6
Shell content: above 90.9% Moisture: 8.7%

Size Available 

  •  5#5.00—4.00mm, 6#4.00—3.15mm, 8#2.80—2.36mm, 10# 2.00—1.80mm
  •  12# 1.70—2.50mm, 14# 1.40—1.25mm, 16# 1.18—1.06mm, 20# 0.95—0.85mm
  •  24#0.800—0.630mm, 30#0.600—0.560mm, 36#0.530—0.450mm
  •  46#0.425—0.355mm, 60#0.315—0.250mm, 80#0.212—0.180mm
  •  100# 0.170—0.132mm, 120# 0.125—0.100mm


  • These products are widely used in oil, chemicals, leather and other industrial wastewater treatment and urban water supply and drainage works, is the best variety of filters for water purification filter material.
  • The main application of polishing material and eyewear accessories, pearl jewelry, buttons, electronic parts, stamping parts, and other industries polishing deburring
  • It also can be used in sandblasting,
  • Grinding