Pink Fused Alumina


Pink fused alumina, also called chromium fused alumina, is a kind of alumina with little Cr2O3. Compared with brown fused alumina, pink fused aluminium oxide has a higher hardness and lower toughness.


  • Pink fused aluminium oxide abrasive tools are suitable for grinding high carbon, high-speed steel and thin-walled components etc.
  • Pink fused aluminium oxide is suitable for precise grinding of measuring tools, machine shift, instruments and apparatus parts, threading workpieces etc.
  • Pink fused aluminium oxide also can be used as polishing, precision casting, spraying and refractory materials.

Physical Index of Pink Fused Alumina:

Color Pink
Basic Mineral α-Al2O3
True Density 3.90g/cm3
Bulk Density 1.40-1.95g/cm3
Mohs Hardness 9.0
Microhardness HV2200-2300

Typical Chemical Composition of Pink Fused Alumina:

Al2O3 98.5%
Cr2O3 0.15-1.50%
Na2O 0.50%