Green Silicon Carbide


With petroleum coke, quartz sand and salt as additive, green silicon carbide is produced basically the same as black silicon carbide in an electric resistant furnace. Green silicon carbide, hexagonal crystal, has a good hardness, strong cutting ability, stable chemical properties and excellent heat-conducting property.


  • Green silicon carbide is ideal material when processing hard metal alloys and non-metallic materials which are hard and brittle like jewels, optical glass or ceramics.
  • The sharp cutting characteristics of green silicon carbide also enable its ability to cut soft materials such as copper, brass, aluminium, or magnesium.
  • Silicon carbide abrasive is used as vitrified wheels and belts, organic wheels, and sheets.
  • Silicon carbide abrasive can also be used in refractory industry.
  • Super micropowder green silicon carbide can be used as raw material for a special ceramic.
  • Powder of green silicon carbide is also used as wire sawing semi-conductor raw material.

Physical Index:

Color Green
Basic Mineral α-SiC
True Density 3.2g/cm3
Bulk Density 1.45-1.56g/cm3
Mohs Hardness 9.2
Microhardness HV3280-3400

Chemical Composition of Green Silicon Carbide:
Typical Value:

SiC 99.50%
Fe2O3 0.12%
F. C 0.16%

Guarantee Value:

Grit Size SiC F.C Fe2O3
F20-90 >99.5% <0.2% <0.2%
F100-220 >99.0% <0.25% <0.2%
F230-360 >98.0% <0.3% <0.4%
F400-600 >97.0% <0.3% <0.5%
F800-1200 >96.0% <0.5% <0.8%