Fused Silica


Fused Silica, the amorphous state of SiO2, is fused in resistance furnace with high quality silica sand as raw materials. Fused silica could be smashed into lump, grit or white powder with characteristics of heat resistant and low heat expansion coefficient.


    • Fused silica powder is very popular for precision casting.
    • Refractories and optical glass manufacture.
    • Grinding wheel abrasives and high quality glass production.
    • As an ideal stuffing materials, fused silica could be used in paint and coating industry.

Chemical Composition

SiO2 >99.9%
Fe2O3 10-100ppm
LiO2 <1.5ppm
Al2O3 <25ppm
K2O <20ppm
Na2O <15ppm