Fused Magnesia Alumina Spinel


Made from high quality alumina and light-burned magnesia in electric arc furnace.

The fused magnesia-alumina spinel has outstanding refractoriness, good erosion resistance, high anti-corrosion, high resistance against flaking, good thermal stability, high temperature resistance, high slag-resistance, good thermal shock resistance, etc. It also has high true density, low water absorption, low thermal expansion coefficient ,good thermal stability and good thermal shock resistance.




1. To replace magnesia chrome sand to make high grade refractory bricks in lining bricks for cement rotary kiln to avoid chrome pollution and has higher resistance againt flaking.
2.Used to make refractory castables for ladles to improve anti-corrosion of steel plate lining. It is widely applied in refractory material, steel smelting, cement rotary kiln and glass kiln.
3.As an ideal material to make continuous casting sliding plate, ladle lining brick, nozzle bricks, continuous casting nozzle and open hearth bricks. Also as a basic material in big large cement kiln, bricks in transition zone of neutral cement kiln and kiln furniture for medium and high temperature applications.

Chemical Composition:

Grade AM-76 AM-90
Chemical Composition
Al2O3 69-76 88-91
MgO 22-27 8-9
CaO ≤0.65 ≤0.4
SiO2 ≤0.4 ≤0.25
Fe2O3 ≤0.5 ≤0.5
Grit Size (mm) 5-8 3-5 1-3 0-1 5-8 3-5 1-3 0-1
Fine Grit 320#-0 180#-0 320#-0 180#-0
Micro Powder (um) 2-5 2-5