Ceramic Foundry Sand


Ceramic foundry sand is made from the high quality bauxite, it is the new type casting sand used in precision casting, resin coated sand, and shell mold casting and so on.

Physical Index:

shape:                         spherical

Thermal :                   0.13%(10 minutes at 1000℃)

Color:                           Black Brown

Size:                              6-320 mesh(0.053-3.36mm)

Refractoriness:      ≥1900℃

Bulk density:          1.95-2.05(g/cm3)

Chemical Composition(%):

AI2O3       Fe2O3      TiO2        SiO2

70-80        ≤5             2.5-3.5    8-20


1 Ceramic Foundry Sand is widely used in various casting ways (precision casting, sodium silicate-bonded sand casting, lost foam casting and so on).

2 It also can be used for shot peening (aluminum, copper, steel casting).

3 It is suitable for precoated sand, resin sand, and silicate-bonded sand.