Aluminum Hydroxide Suppliers China


Aluminium hydroxide, a kind of white powder, is widely used as flame retardant additive. The usable ranges of Hydrated Alumina powder are thermosetting plastic, thermoplastic plastics, synthetic rubber, coating and building materials, etc.


  • Aluminium hydroxide is most commonly used as inorganic flame retardant agents .
  • Aluminium hydroxide powder is useful as purifier
  • With great adsorption capacity, aluminium hydroxide could be used in dyeing industry as mordant.
  • Hydrated Alumina could also be used in the production of alumina products.
  • Hydrated Alumina could be used for production of mineral salts like aluminium fluoride, cyrolite, aluminium sulfate and aluminium oxide products etc.


Type Al2O3 Na2O SiO2 Fe2O3 Loss on ignition
AH-1 64.5 0.4 0.02 0.02 35
AH-2 64.0 0.5 0.04 0.03 35
AH-3 63.5 0.6 0.08 0.05 35