Zhengzhou 2017 international exhibition of abrasives grinding time, place, and details

Zhengzhou international abrasives grinding show 2017 will be held 2017/9/12-2017/9/16 held in zhengzhou international conference and exhibition center, China’s three grinding with common abrasives industry in China advantages and absolute advantage of superhard materials, and communities in attracting global buyers to visit the procurement, to create international brand professional exhibitions.

Zhengzhou international exhibition of abrasives grinding time:



zhengzhou international abrasives grinding 2017 zhengzhou international convention and exhibition center

Exhibition range:

zhengzhou international abrasives grinding 2017

1.grinding processing equipment and technology

All kinds of grinding, grinding center, tool grinding machine, grinding machine, polishing machine, the honing machine, lapping machine,finishing and balance device, sandblasting machine, cooling fluid, grinding fluid, etc.

2.Abrasive class

Ordinary abrasive tool:Ceramics, rubber, abrasive abrasive, resin grinding     tool, ling magnesia abrasive, stone, grinding head, sand tile, grinding paste, etc.

Superhard material products:Diamond grinding wheel, cubic boron nitride wheel, diamond grinding disc, diamond saw blade, diamond segment, diamond drill bit, diamond grinding roller, grinding wheel, grinding block, soft grinding sheet, diamond electroplating products, diamond grinding paste, diamond die, diamond tool, cubic boron nitride cutting tools, diamond wire saw, etc.

Coated with abrasive:Dry dry abrasive paper, abrasive cloth, waterproof abrasive paper, super coating abrasive paper;Half resin emery cloth roll, whole resin emery cloth roll, water resistant oil resistant emery cloth, grinding metal emery cloth roll, soft emery cloth roll, paper base abrasive belt, mesh belt, sand plate, disc, page wheel, grinding, elasticity sponge grinding block and so on.

3.Abrasive class

corundum:Natural corundum, garnet, brown corundum, white corundum, black corundum, chromium corundum, zirconium corundum, single-crystal corundum barium, titanium microlite corundum, corundum, corundum, corundum, sintered corundum neodymium praseodymium, half brittle corundum, etc.

Silicon carbide (boron):Black silicon carbide, green silicon carbide cerium, cubic silicon carbide, silicon carbide, electrician with silicon carbide, boron carbide, etc.

Superhard material:Natural industry, synthetic diamond and diamond powder and cubic boron nitride powder and PCD, PCBN, CVD diamond thin film and thick film, etc.

4.Production equipment class

Corundum, silicon carbide smelting furnace smelting furnace, crushing and grinding machine, magnetic separation and screening equipment, mixing, molding equipment, kiln firing, such as hard (sulfur) equipment, grinding processing equipment, artificial diamond pressure machine, forming machine, screening machine, magnetic separator, shaking table, hot press, cold press, sintering furnace, welding machine, etc.

5.Testing equipment, measuring and test equipment

Magnetic analyzer, magnetic susceptibility analyzer, impact toughness test apparatus, magnetic separator, cleanness of abrasive tester, vibration sieve machine, sandblasting machine, grinding wheel rotary engine, hardness balancer, grinding wheel face runout tester, grinding performance testing machine, etc.

6.Raw and auxiliary materials

Alumina, alumina powder, quartz sand, coke, graphite, pyrophyllite, hexagonal boron nitride, catalyst, metal powder, etc;
Mold, metal powder binder, saw blades matrix, ceramic, resin and rubber bonding agent, binder, paper or cloth substrate, etc.

7.Industrial tool

Hard alloy, super hard material made of a variety of the outer cutter, hole processing tool, gear cutting tool, cutting tool, general tools, forming tools, cutting tools and accessories.

8.Tools class

Hand tools, electric tools, pneumatic tools, metal tools, etc.

9.Other related

Scientific research institutes, institutions of higher learning, industry media, publishing, financial institutions, industrial park, etc.