Swiss diamond developed new technology of preparation of optical diffraction grating

Lausanne, Switzerland, the federal institute of technology, developed a new technology will be made from pure diamond optical diffraction grating.These new high-performance laser wavelength can be used to change the original, also can be applied to advanced spectrometer.

Lausanne, Switzerland, the federal institute of technology researchers to develop a new method, through a microscope will diamond cut into the shape of a particular, polishing and grinding.On September 5, 2017 at the international conference on diamond and carbon materials are introduced the technique.The new technique of spectroscopy has unique significance and high-energy laser optical components.
Like a prism, the diffraction grating is composed of parallel grooves, these grooves scatter light for spectral component.Diffraction grating is made from glass and silicon material, it can change the color of the laser.
Federal institute of technology in lausanne, Switzerland, engineering department, led by professor nils quark team found that single crystal diamond also can be made into a diffraction grating.This discovery opened up the field of new possibilities.Diamond has good thermal conductivity, is 5 to 10 times of that of the other.Diamond hardness is extremely high, in the UV rays, infrared and other visible beam under the work performance is good.Diamond have chemical inertness, even if most of chemical corrosion and not to be.This also means that the diamond is hard to processing and manufacturing.This is a very effective new way of cutting.

Use oxygen to cut diamond

The team found that the technology of pioneering significance, advantage of this technology will be etched in millimeters level of single crystal diamond diamond disc.A high surface finish, tank and tank direct distance of only a few microns.Research team using chemical vapor deposition of diamond.
Diamond etching is divided into the following steps, first of all, on the surface of diamond deposits form a layer of hard film, after oxygen plasma, oxygen ions are formed by the effect of electric field on the surface of diamond.No epidural coverage, oxygen ions to make carbon atoms from the surface of diamond.By adjusting the intensity of electric field, can change the shape of a diamond etching.We carved out of the groove spacing of a few microns of triangular groove, used to make a diffraction grating.Adjust the processing parameters, selective display a set of crystal clear.Using this processing way, we can work out the atomic level smooth V groove, in laser cutting way is impossible.