Market analysis in October:Corundum keep rising Silicon carbide smooth operation

In October, 19 and closing meeting successfully, bulk refractory raw materials market as a whole by 19 big impact is not big, but have different operation conditions.This month, affected by industrial alumina powder, white corundum and tabular corundum prices keep rising trend, the rise in early 300-400 yuan/ton;Brown fused alumina affected by raw material prices have rallied furiously, until the end of the month average price 5050 yuan/ton, the early rise in price 150 yuan/ton;Shanxi bauxite although affected by the environmental protection production situation is not optimistic, but there is still a supply of goods on the market, the overall price stability;Magnesia lower prices overall, different products by floating is differ, lower range 100-600 yuan/ton;Northeast of flake graphite prices have recovered slightly, the early rose 50-100 yuan/ton;Silicon carbide market overall smooth operation, the price is relatively flat in early.


Bauxite market overall smooth operation in October, 88 down-draft kiln bauxite aggregate average price is 2450 yuan/ton, down 10 yuan/ton, compared with early85 bauxite aggregate average price is 2150 yuan/ton, 80 bauxite aggregate average price is 1650 yuan/ton, 70 bauxite aggregate average price is 1000 yuan/ton, the price and early levels.But at present in shanxi area rainfall over a long break, bauxite by wet, be affected with damp be affected with damp is impossible to dry, caused some difficulties to purchase dry bauxite.
Prices of flat cannot explain the market has been alleviated, bauxite market tensions remain.Shanxi region now have begun to carry out the policies of the leak, coking plant, steel enterprises are within limits.Bauxite kiln main fuel for pipeline gas and natural gas, coking plant of restricting output will inevitably lead to the bauxite of fire to.Recently we went into the shanxi investigation has found the problem, jiexiu some manufacturers have emerged due to insufficient amount of gas lead to alumina owe the phenomenon of burning, quality decline of bauxite.
Strict environmental storms also brought the rare development opportunities, environmental change the alumina market supply and demand, corporate profits and cash flow are promoted, which laid a solid foundation for the next development of alumina enterprise.Through our field visit found that many enterprises are actively, build equipment repair, improve production technology and improve the process and ensure complete enterprise environmental protection standards, certificates, do sufficient preparation, for later development.

Corundum class

According to our statistics, as of the end of the month, white corundum average price is 5900 yuan/ton, the early rise in price 300 yuan/ton;Tabular corundum average price is 6100 yuan/ton, the early rise in price 400 yuan/ton.White corundum, tabular corundum prices is mainly affected by industrial alumina powder price.This statistic eleven long holiday to return the average rise in the price of alumina powder in 150-165 yuan/ton, shandong, henan region alumina was quoted at the end of October 3780-3795 yuan/ton, corundum manufacturers actual purchase price is an average of 4000 yuan/ton.
Environmental protection policy of restricting output gradually began to perform at the end of October, electrolytic aluminium industry as a large consumer of alumina 30% limit production, this will no doubt affect the alumina market, but after the stimulation of unpredictable changes.Near the end of the alumina prices stable, but the manufacturer thinks alumina powder prices will rise, is expected to rise to 4200 yuan/ton.Small make up think into industrial alumina prices will remain a modest growth in November, corundum will be floating rose but you don’t have.
Brown fused alumina in October the price range, but the overall keep rising trend, the market average price is in 5050 yuan/ton, prices rose 150 yuan/ton, the early rising is the main reason is to reduce raw materials, the price rise.Small make up is expected in the later, under the influence of their policy was brown fused alumina prices will keep rising, suggest that there is demand manufacturer to purchase plan in advance.
Flake graphite
Flake graphite prices edged up heilongjiang region, in October – 196 graphite average price is 5250 yuan/ton, price is rising in early 50 yuan/ton, – 194 graphite quotation for an average of 4800 yuan/ton, price is higher in early 100 yuan/ton.We think graphite price rise belongs to the normal fluctuations, market overall smooth operation.Flake graphite, in November, the heilongjiang province normal mining entered the countdown, sub-zero temperatures will affect the production, the graphite is mined will be reduced.Small make up think the price will rise at any time, it is suggested that in the procurement of graphite in the northeast of purchaser in advance ready for winter.

Silicon carbide

Silicon carbide market stable operation in October, ningxia region 98 silicon carbide powder 200 mesh quotation for an average of 7000 yuan/ton, and early levels;Silicon carbide powder 200 mesh 97 average price is 6800 yuan/ton, the decline in early 50 yuan/ton.Although small make up understand environmental supervision has an impact on the production of silicon carbide manufacturer, but still maintained a production capacity.In October for silicon carbide production water coal price stability, the stability of coal washing water price to ensure the stable operation of the market of silicon carbide.

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