Garnet, an Ideal Abrasive for Sandblasting and Waterjet Cutting

Among all these garnets,almandite garnet and andradite garnet are escpecially famonus for high hardness.Thus,they are hot traded internationally.

High melting point,good toughness, strong petrochemical inertia ,consist the trait of garnet.It is insoluble in water while soluble in acid with 1% degree.Basically,no free silica is included.It does no harm to human health.

Garnet is almost a replacement of silica sand in sandblasting for environment-friendly feature.

Garnet is a better water filtration media for purifying industrial wastewater, producing clearwater and purifying swimming pool water.

Garnet is a perfect material for water jet cutting in pertroleum pipe,glass,plastic,iron and steel,aluminum profile because of edge sharpness,fast cutting speed and durability etc.

Garnet is regarded as an ideal multipurpose material for numerous industrial departments such as optical industry,electronic industry,machinery industry,instruments and meters,printing industry,construction material industry and geological industry etc due to its higher physical impact resisitance,higher hardness,higher grinding force and higher specific gravity.