Environmental Protection Work Notification

During the last two weeks, CCTV News exposed factories not reaching standards of environment protections in Zibo City, and those factories have been completely shut down. Now Zibo City has been listed as focus of inspection.

Municipal party committee and municipal government of Zibo City have issued an emergent notification to make specific requirements to every district, county, village and town:

  1. Conducting a new round inspection on factories in the administrative regions
  2. inspecting and confirming whether the seals in factories are intact
  3. inspecting and confirming whether shut- down factories have halted production

During two days of this Monday and Tuesday, Central Environmental Protection Inspection Group and journalists from Central Television CCTV will conduct inspection. Once discovered, disqualified factories will be exposed publicly and shut down. After the public inspection, what follows will be a private inspection lasting to the end of this month. The key inspection contents are as followed:

  1. Whether factories own environmental protection procedures.
  2. Whether environmental protection equipments are fully set, installed and working normally

Only when 2 items above are met could the factories start normal production. We hereby require that factories should go through the environmental-protection formalities accordingly, install environmental-protection equipments and assure equipments work normally. Once disqualification is discovered by the inspection group, please take responsibility for yourselves!