Cutting Material – Silicon Carbide

Silicon carbide,as cutting materials,is widely used for wire-electrode cutting of single crystal silicon,polysilicon,gallium-arsenide,quartz crystal,etc.With characteristics of high purity,good crystal,silicon carbide have the great cutting performance and stable physical conditions.

One professional in this industry said:silicon carbide cutting material is the cutter of photovoltaic enterprise.Whoever owns the best cutter,has the best advantage of cutting.From this words,we know,silicon carbide cutting materials is very important in cutting industry.

As the dwinding of traditional energy sources,such as oil and coal,crisis of energy is just around the corner.While,for solar energy,it has became the fist choice for human race to solve the crisis,environmental pollution and global warming due to its unique advantage of inexhaustible,clear,environmental protection,security and reliable.

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